The NEURONpublisher once again published a new free Star Citizen eBook in the original English text.

The eBook can be found at NEURONpublisher Store at the following link:

A separate law - by Griffin Barber

The NEURONpublisher team regularly presents selected content from the NEURONpublisher Store to show good authoring work. Currently, this is done using the example and in cooperation with the author "Star Citizen News Radio". This is a fan project of the globally successful "space trading and combat simulator video game" Star Citizen by Roberts Space Industries - eponymous game and movie legend Chris Roberts.

The NEURONprocessor makes it easy to publish what's in your mind. First, the contents (knowledge and intellectual property) are processed with the NEURONpublisher software for reading or learning. Then the finished content is published at the touch of a button for free or commercially in the worldwide NEURONpublisher Store.


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