Germany's excellent * Internet Publishing System "Web2Touch" now becomes "NEURONpublisher". Thus, the new name fits into the other NEURONprocessing product names "NEURONprocessor" and "NEURONintelligence".

(* German eLearning Award and German SME Award)

The new name should convey exactly the function of the software: easy to publish what's in your mind. First, the contents (knowledge and intellectual property) are processed with the NEURONpublisher software for reading or learning. Then the finished content is published at the touch of a button for free or commercially in the worldwide NEURONpublisher Store.

Compared to static websites, blogs, ebooks and printed books, content can be updated and expanded on a daily basis, which is immediately displayed to the readers.

With just one click, ready-made content is published worldwide in the NEURONpublisher Store. The author decides freely on the selling price - from free to ... €. Only 10% fees for the operation, development and marketing of the NEURONpublisher are incurred during the sale.

Readers or students have access to extensive functions and tools to read or learn NEURONpublisher content. In addition, the NEURONpublisher helps to look up content and helps minimize learning losses.

NEURONpublisher apps are available for web browsers, tablets or smartphones to edit and read content - always up-to-date.



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