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The INNOVATIONSPREIS-IT of the Initiative Mittelstand bridges the gap between IT innovation and SMEs every year. The patronage 2012 had the federal commissioner for information technology of the Federal Government and the IBM Germany GmbH. The Initiative Mittelstand awards the INNOVATIONSPREIS-IT company with innovative IT solutions and high utility value for SMEs.

The expert jury awarded the NEURONprocessing Institute the title BEST OF 2012 for Web2Touch in the E-Learning category - now renamed to NEURONpublisher for official market launch.

"This excellent product has particularly convinced the jury and thus belongs to the top group of applications submitted via 2.500."

With this award in the back, the official market launch of the NEURONpublisher - the first combination of authoring system and learning platform in an online platform from Germany - starts. Now authors, coaches and coaches are needed to publish their content. Prerequisite is a valid content with a scope that corresponds to at least 25 book pages and of course not offensive, etc. is.

The NEURONpublisher is free as long as the uploaded images and created export files (HTML & PDF) do not exceed 250 MB. If more memory is needed, 1 GB online storage for 60, - EUR per year can be simply added.

For content providers who want to market more or more extensive content, it is thus worthwhile to quickly publish their first work in the store. If this is offered free of charge, there are no fees. If a price is quoted, 10% agency and handling fee will be charged on sale. The setting in the store must be up to 30. March 2015 has been made to take advantage of the offer.

Author system and learning platform from Germany

Made in Germany logo

For German and European content providers, the NEURONpublisher is a real alternative to portals outside Europe, as the server location is Germany.

Web2Touch is for all of us: anyone who wants to make his knowledge available to others financially or free of charge - or even wants to convey it as a trainer or coach.

The integrated store allows you to be both: knowledge provider (content provider) and knowledge consumer (reader / learner). Web2Touch accompanies you from theory to daily practice, where it makes volatile knowledge available at any time.

Decisive innovations / unique selling points

The web app serves as an authoring system, store and learning platform in the browser and on tablets. For the iPhone and iPad, a mobile reading app (reader) of the content related to the store is available.

Web2Touch contains interactive content and can be used:

  • as an authoring system: write textbooks, etc.
  • as a learning system and to convey knowledge
  • to market your own knowledge
  • to gain knowledge: eReader

Particularly suitable for medium-sized businesses, trainers and authors

Web2Touch is highly cost-effective because vendors can easily capture their (learning) content and distribute it around the world for free or commercialize it. Informal learning is promoted by focusing on tablet systems that enable mobile learning anywhere.
A solution with future potential

Web2Touch enables an innovative refinement of digital values ​​and places the reader / learner at the center. He interacts with virtual (textbook) books that integrate media content: cross-references, images and graphics, YouTube movies, personal notebooks, exercise logbook, application log, flashcards, ingenious search, ....

Why did Web2Touch earn the INNOVATION AWARD IT?
Web2Touch enables innovative use of digital values ​​and places learners at the center. The user interacts with virtual textbooks in which the media content is integrated: cross-references, pictures & graphics, YouTube films, personal notebooks, exercise logbook, ingenious search function, ...

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