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The NEURONpublisher - under its development name Web2012Touch - has already been nominated for the D-ELINA "German E-Learning Innovation and Young Talent Award" - and is now regarded as one of the most groundbreaking e-learning concepts for its brand introduction.

The jury consisted of experts in e-learning and education. The Young Talent Prize is awarded annually by the German Network of E-Learning Actors (D-ELAN). Sponsors of the competition are beside the LEARNTEC the bit media GmbH, the Know How! AG and MIT e-Solutions GmbH.

Wanted were young talents, who use the diverse opportunities for the reorganization of learning processes with innovative ideas and using new media. Students, young scientists, start-ups as well as established users were invited to submit contributions in the categories "Campus" and "Professional". The NEURONpublisher has made it to the top 3 places.

Next to web browsers, the NEURONpublisher is already geared to the new learning world of tablets. Here, the learning system is operated with the finger by established graphical touch elements. These also enable a high-quality and intuitive user experience when using the mouse in conventional web browsers - ie, edutainment.

The learner interacts with virtual textbooks that integrate media content. For example, required video content is fed in from YouTube. For each learning content, the user can record his personal notes in a digital notebook. He documents his exercises in a separate logbook. The NEURONpublisher has been equipped with a complex search function, which also makes it possible to save search profiles. These can be used, for example, for current learning priorities. Thanks to the integrated flashcard function in the NEURONpublisher, learners always have an overview of their current learning status.

Since knowledge can be very fleeting, the NEURONpublisher also serves as a "digital reference work" for the "skilled learner". If, for example, a certain procedure no longer occurs, it will simply be looked up. The practical implementation, which may be carried out immediately on the basis of the instructions, can be documented in the personal application logbook. Thus, the NEURONpublisher not only supports learning, but also everyday work. As a web app, the learning and information system is always there, as the user can log in from any computer with his personal access.

The NEURONpublisher is an open system with a global store that is freely available to anyone who wants to capture their (learning) content and market it, if necessary, after completion. Professional knowledge providers have useful premium features at their disposal.

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