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With the new update 2.1.0 we have introduced a new payment method to the NEURONpublisher. This allows books with subscription to sell. Thus, it is now possible that books that are subject to constant enlargement - such as teaching content - can be paid monthly. The reader is free to renew or cancel his subscription if he does not want to read the book. There is no auto-renewal like other subscription models which gives the subscriber the freedom to decide for themselves when and how long they want to run the subscription. More freedom in the design of a subscription is not possible.

In the following all new features are listed

  • Books can now be sold as a subscription. All subscribers receive payment reminders 2 week before expiration of the subscription, about 2 days before expiration of the subscription and the expiration of the subscription. The renewal of an subscription is voluntary. If no extension is made, the book is no longer available for the subscriber. In addition, a subscriber receives a notification when an author removes a book with a subscription from the store. The subscription will continue until the end of the current term.
  • If a book is placed in the store, then the payment method can not be changed.
  • Improvement of performance.
  • Fixed a bug in the UI.

Dirk Jacobash

NEURON Processing Development


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