We are looking for authors and interesting content: expertise, books, texts, scientific papers, training materials, scripts, diploma theses, ... in our NEURONpublisher Store to be published: online books, eLearning and eBooks.

With the Neuro Publisher We have opened a brand new "distribution channel" where you can make real money from your existing content. You get 90% margin on sales - with immediate payout! That's far more than eBook sales - and no technical effort.

And the whole fair and with the server location Germany - without leaving your control or rights as with other distribution platforms.

"The use is extremely simple and also free":

The NEURONpublisher is an authoring tool with integrated reading & learning platform and connected store. The store allows you to publish your online books, eLearning and ebooks worldwide at a fixed price or with monthly payments (subscriptions). Alone the latter would - if you want to realize it yourself - an enormous amount of technical and security mean. Elaborate store or subscription installations via Joomla, WordPress, etc. or on your own website account.

The NEURONpublisher acts as a central publication platform for you as author, publisher, trainer, coach, teacher, lecturer, etc .. That we are on the right track, show our previous Awards, The use is free and there are only 10% commission on sales - with immediate payment!

We would like to invite you to be part of this development and to publish your content in the worldwide NEURONpublisher Store. Especially at the beginning, your online books, eLearnings and eBooks have a high perception, because we are just a few titles in the Store started.

For your quick start we have developed a timetable - including a free webinar:
» In 5 steps publish what is in your brain.

Our editorial team will also help you to create your NEURONpublisher online books, eLearnings and eBooks if you - or your publisher - do not have the time to do so yourself:

» Production and publication

So - here we go and for questions we are always available.
Yours sincerely

Thomas Tankiewicz
[Institute founder, publisher, author & trainer]

Dirk Jacobash
[Institute founder and development manager]

Your direct line to us:

Write e-mail or call + 49 40 46871237

If you want to be kept up to date - then just wear ours BRAIN FOOD supply list on ????


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