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From the 3. - 10. February 2016 the new team function is integrated into the NEURONprocessor. During this time, the NEURONprocessor is only accessible to the users of our beta program (tester). If you have to carry out (urgent) assignments or missions during this time, then contact our support (, so that this can redirect you to an alternative server.

For all users who are not part of our beta program, the NEURONprocessor will be virtually unusable during this time, as the speed is not sufficient and can not be safely stored.

We have to test the team function live on the current system, because only in this way can the new components of the team function be tested under real conditions. This is only possible for our beta testers as they have been instructed accordingly.

The new team function makes it possible to create your own team and assign orders to individual members. Team orders are then only visible to the ordering party and the assigned team members in the order acceptance. All other users can not see team orders in the system at any time. To build your own team, you need the e-mail addresses with which the respective team member is registered at the NEURONprocessor or NEURONpublisher.


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