For all NEURONprocessor users / solvers,

We have now completed the update to the NEURONprocessor 2.0.2, which brings you the long-awaited team function. This has proven itself in a one-week live test with our beta testing in the application. The software is now fully available again for all users.

Your orders and missions that you may have performed in the meantime on the provided alternative server have already been transferred to the live system.

Currently we are working on the tutorial and an explanatory video on the team function.

Furthermore, we have implemented for you various small improvements and optimizations with this update. Again, instructions and explanatory video will follow shortly. Some things you will notice immediately and hopefully inspire ????

If you have any problems or questions, please only contact:

support (a)

Do not use our personal or other email addresses, as we can not guarantee fast support.

Your NEURONprocessing team


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