Community project of NEURONcreator DENKfabrik:

This joint project aims to develop an optimal solution for the individual NEURONprocessor user, to professionally learn the NEURONprocessor in everyday life and to apply it permanently. The goal is to maximize the benefits and benefits of the NEURONprocessor both professionally and privately. The questions in the template are hidden and will be processed spontaneously only in level 6 of the mission, so that in the run-up no thoughts can be made.

Use of the NEURONprocessor software / app

To participate in a project or create your own solutions, you need a free access to the NEURONprocessor:

We have created current projects in the NEURONprocessor:

Realize your own NEURONprocessor projects

To realize your own NEURONprocessor projects, you proceed as follows - as seen here in the video:

  1. Sign up on NEURONprocessor Web if you do not have access, you can register there for free.
  2. Open the module ORDERS.
  3. NOTE: Each module has its own MENU on the left, where you can find all functions.
  4. Create a new order via the MENU under ORDERS in the corresponding category.
  5. Enter all required data, select a template and define the status.
  6. Check all your entries, then unlock the mission and either start the mission immediately via MISSION.
  7. Or go to the module MISSION at a later date and start your mission via the ORDER ACCEPTANCE.
  8. After the mission, you will revise it in the module MISSION under MISSION REVIEW.
  9. Finally, you evaluate your obtained information in the module ANALYSIS.
  10. Optionally, copy and paste your data into a text document, MindMap, email, etc.

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