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Artificial Intelligence Rise of Computer Brains

Artificial intelligence is one of the most important themes of this century. Ingenious researchers are in this field and successful companies. What place does man take in the future?

Artificial Neural Networks: The great hope is that computer programs learn by themselves.
Three predictions from leading experts. First, "I think there is a world market for maybe five computers." Second, "There's no reason people should have a computer at home." Third, "640.000 bytes of storage should be enough for everyone."

The first sentence said the former president of the computer company IBM Thomas Watson in the year 1943, the second of the computer pioneer and entrepreneur Ken Olson in the year 1977, the third none other than Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates in the year 1981. All statements are not really old to give them a historical dimension.

They show how hard even those sometimes do with the opportunities of technology they can best gauge. Anyone looking back on this today can take as an advice for the future that great caution seems to be when it comes to seriously speculating what computer probably never will be able to.

"Computers will surpass us"

The discussion about "artificial intelligence", whether, when and how computers will overtake us humans once in every mental effort, is currently in full swing. And she has also reached the top of committees that make decisions for countless people. The The highest-ranking White House experts have explicitly encouraged this at the end of last yearto prepare for a life in which artificial intelligence plays a dominant role.

Scientist of the International Monetary Fund In turn, they analyzed the economic opportunities and risks at length - and found that clever computers could ultimately solve any aging problem, but could also lead to escalating distributional conflicts as a result of brutal inequality.

The prognosis of the just 75 years old world-famous physicist Stephen Hawking in the space says: "The computers will someday in the next hundred years with their artificial intelligence outnumber the people." Renowned companies put many resources in this field, for example, the technology companies Alphabet (Google), Apple and Facebook, the major automakers or the German concern Bosch. And of course countless small start-ups around the globe. ...

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Image: © © Steven T. Caputo, Artificial Neural Networks: The big hope right now is that computer programs learn by themselves.

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