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Introduction: Of the need to digitize his knowledge

As part of our NEURONprocessing think tank, we have set ourselves the task of how individual coaches or small and medium-sized coaching companies can build a high-quality online academy. On the one hand, this is necessary to meet the growing demand for on-line learning content. On the other hand, it makes it possible to digitize and commercialize its existing knowledge. If the online academy is established, attendance days can be reduced - and thus the associated effort, as well as the personal burden of the individual coach or coach.

We have developed a solution that meets the needs of large companies and universities. Uses our concept WordPress as a technical basis - the world's most widely used content management system (CMS). Below we describe the basic WordPress configuration and the components required to build your own online academy. Of course, the configuration in detail depends on the individual requirements of a trainer or coaching company. The concept presented here can be implemented independently, by a suitable service provider or with the help of the experienced development department of our think tank, which has already participated in this concept.

The costs for their own implementation are low - but quite time consuming. In addition, a basic technical knowledge in server administration, WordPress and databases is required. The costs for implementation by a service provider or our development department are higher, because some project days are necessary for the implementation - but they can be planned well. We have broken down the costs separately below.


Anyone interested in a free, immediately usable solution - including an integrated sales platform for learning and knowledge content - is our own development Neuro Publisher " recommended.

I. server

The required server is already available for a few euros a month at the top dogs 1 & 1 or Strato, with whom we have had good experiences in our previous projects. Alternatively, it can of course be any other suitable web hoster.

  1. The example Strato: Description
  2. Costs Software: 7, - € per month (after 12 months for 1, - € per month) + one time setup of 10, - €
  3. Make installation & setup yourself: about 1 - 2 hours
  4. Order Installation & Setup: 90, - €

II. Wordpress

The WordPress software is already included in the server package and must be installed and set up.

  1. Make installation & setup yourself: about 1 - 2 hours
  2. Order Installation & Setup: 80, - €

III. Design | "Theme"

Then follows the installation of the so-called "Themes", which is responsible for the design of the WordPress websites. For this we recommend "Enfold". The theme is already extremely appealing in the basic design and can be extremely adapted to individual needs.

  1. enfold: Description & Demos
  2. Cost Software: 42, - $ (Store)
  3. Installation itself: about 1 / 2 hour
  4. Assign installation: 30, - €

IV. Design | layout

The cost of the theme based on the theme (Enfold) are of course at the end of the day of each individual ideas shaped. Therefore, we propose an initial design of all components (navigation, pages, posts, etc.) based on one of the Enfolds Demos implement. This can be well calculated in advance - since many customer projects have already been implemented on this basis.

Any further changes must be made on a cost basis - and we think that this will not be necessary. Maybe in a later step as a "redesign", which should include customer feedback.

The content of the respective online academy can then be implemented on the finished design. The effort of this editorial work depends on the volume of the respective content, which one can not know / estimate in advance. For this we have outlined below an optional calculation for the editorial work (sU).

  1. Design of the design itself: about 12 - 30 hours
  2. Design of the design: 960, - €

V. Learning Environment LearnDash

As a learning environment, we have that LearnDash LMS (Learn Management System) selected. This is installed as a so-called "plugin" within WordPress and extends this to the required LMS functions. LearnDash is one of the most established systems and is used by many large companies and universities worldwide.

In addition, it offers all the essential functions (Features) that you need at the beginning. The additional functions required - immediately and, if necessary, later - can be defined via so-called "Add-Ons" Add.

Furthermore, LearnDash has a programming interface (API), which could be needed for own possibly future extensions. Since we have already put together plug-ins that essentially cover the common functions (sU), an optional programming is usually not necessary.

It is also possible to adopt content from professional eLearning content design tools, such as: Articulate or Adobe Captivate.

  1. LearnDash: Description & Features
  2. Cost Software: 159, - $ per year (Store)
  3. Make installation & setup yourself: about 25 - 40 hours
  4. Order Installation & Setup: 1940, - €


Software once: 52, - € Software monthly €: 7, - € (1, - the first 12 months) Software Annually $: 159, - $ Installation & Setup: - Make yourself: Approx. 40 - 75 hours (depending on technical knowledge) - Commission (benchmark): 3100, - € (VAT not included)

OPTIONAL: editorial work

Optionally, the editorial work can initially be commissioned or permanently outsourced. This includes the preparation of the content in the form of texts, images, audio and video, which are then transferred to the existing design in the form of pages and course content. This can be credited only after effort or if the respective quantity structure is known. This can also apply to systems such as: Articulate or Adobe Captivate be gripped back.

  1. Hourly rate of external editorial work: 80, - € per hour

OPTIONAL: Professional reporting

Another bonus is that LearnDash is a "Tin-Can API", Which comes from the same makers as the SCORM standard and is the successor system. This allows student progress to be transferred to external systems, which is already standard in many large companies. There are already ready-made plug-ins that can be optionally used - eg "Tin Canny LearnDash Reporting".

  1. Tin Canny LearnDash Reporting: Description & Features
  2. Cost Software: 179, - $ a year
  3. Make installation & setup yourself: about 16 - 30 hours
  4. Order Installation & Setup: 1280, - €

OPTIONAL: Connection of B2B customers

If you need a connection from B2B customers, the learning environment LearnDash can be extended by the "Uncanny LearnDash Toolkit Pro" and the "Group Registration" Add-On. Thus, essential functions in the B2B area can be realized: eg group licenses, own start pages for employees of companies, etc.

  1. Uncanny LearnDash Toolkit Pro: Description & Features
  2. Cost Software: 149, - $ a year
  3. Make installation & setup yourself: about 16 - 30 hours
  4. Order Installation & Setup: 1280, - €
  1. Group Registration: Description & Features
  2. Cost Software: 39, - $ a year
  3. Make installation & setup yourself: about 25 - 40 hours
  4. Order Installation & Setup: 680, - €

OPTIONAL: Apps with "Web-View" for iOS and Android

Optionally, you can create native apps for iOS and Android. They call the online academy page via a so-called "Web-View". A "web view" is basically a web browser within the app, with the necessary navigation elements, such as back and forth. Thus, the app always requires an online connection to work. The app is equally suitable for smartphones in tablets on both platforms.

For setting in the respective stores a developer access is required.

  1. Package iOS: 350, - €
  2. Package Android: 350, - €

We have created a future-oriented concept here in our NEURONprocessing think tank and we look forward to many adaptations and constructive feedback or suggestions.

For the queries, I am happy to personally available.


Thomas Tankiewicz

[Institute Director & Co-Founder]

At the NEURONprocessing Institute we offer

with the NEURONprocessor the opportunity to optimize our brain management and expand our perception. The information thus obtained is used in personal projects - or worldwide with the Neuro Publisher released. Alternatively, our NEURONprocessing think tank is simply commissioned with the development of missing key information: for private and professional projects.


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