We have published a new application manual for a NEURONprocessor project for the optimized further development of a technical concept.

In the individual films we show the development of an "optimized development line" for a technical project with the NEURONprocessor.

Here are our basic considerations for this project, with which we would like to show how easy and quick you can find a concrete approach to the further development of a project with the NEURONprocessor - without turning his mind for a long time in a circle.

The project is about developing a special technology for "programming" water as an information storage. Such technology is versatile in a wide variety of fields.

The project was started a few years ago by a project team and was then left to rest, because the other conditions for a realization were not given at the time.

We ourselves were one of the initiators of the project and with this NEURONprocessor project we set ourselves the task of reactivating the project - if possible.

In our previous thoughts on the original project, we have not found a truly satisfactory approach to the possible continuation of the project. Therefore, we decided to do this NEURONprocessor project.

In the same way, NEURONprocessor users are able to optimize development lines for their own projects and to coordinate the resulting actions accordingly.


Based on the results, we have found an approach that allows us to reactivate the project and to provide us with a concrete guide to action.

NEURONprocessor software

Our free NEURONprocessor software allows anyone to access their unaware, implicit informational levels of the brain and, moreover, to greatly increase their perception through the focused construction of morphic / associative resonance.
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