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To start our GEHIRNfutter podcast, we have created a short trailer. Here we briefly summarize where our content journey goes.

We understand our BREED food podcast as a travel companion to the limits of our consciousness and our perception - based on modern brain research. All those who are interested in these topics, we want to take on this journey. We regularly provide the most important news that will help us understand and understand these issues. Where questions arise that we can not answer, we invite the appropriate experts as interview partners. These are characterized by their expertise in the corresponding field of consciousness, perception and brain research. In addition, we report on the results from our NEURONcreator think tank. And of course we inform you about new application possibilities of our - for the personal benefit free of charge - tools: NEURONprocessor and NEURONpublisher. Here we assume that many people share the interest in our topics, which we will present with great passion and enthusiasm serious and easy.

Our schedule is as follows:

" Spontaneous

We report "live" of interesting events, such as conferences, trade shows, etc .. From there we directly introduce interesting news and interviews.

" Weekly

We report on the relevant news from our fields of consciousness, perception and brain research, discuss them and conduct in-depth interviews with experts. Here, in follow-up programs, we also pick up questions that we were unable to answer in previous programs.

" Monthly

At the end of each month, there is our Monthly Review - as live broadcast in audio & video format. In this we summarize all the new findings of the past month and arrange them to where they bring us on our common "knowledge journey" on.

When does it start?

Coming soon after the release of this trailer. Just subscribe to our podcast and be informed about new episodes.


We are over at any time to achieve.

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