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Hello there outside the digital world receivers! We welcome you to our second BITCH FOOD podcast episode. We, that are Uwe Volk and Thomas Tankiewicz. And we are the co-founders of the NEURONprocessing Institute for Brain and Futures Research. In our second episode we want to focus on the topic of perception.

We understand our BREED food podcast as a travel companion to the limits of our consciousness and our perception - based on modern brain research.

What this journey of knowledge is about can be found in our BRAIN Food Podcast Trailer read and listen. There is also our current schedule.


And of course we start again with the news of the week. Say what our personal highlights were.

  1. Uwe's highlight of the week:

Is in this episode part of the definition of perception - as a "perceptual highlight".

  1. Thomas highlight of the week:

Gehringerechtes und free learning for children and in schools:

Online Conference - "Schools of Trust". In German: There are alternatives to the regular school system?

Here is an excerpt from the program:

"Here you can find answers, inspiration and inspiration on how to give our children what they really need. For this we have with teachers, brain researchers, school principals, scientists, educators, authors but also parents of free students, free students who are currently at a school, free students who have undergone such a school and today in life are spoken. "

In many interviews the questions were investigated, in how far:

  • Children are from nature curious and curious and want to LEARN?
  • Learning the most sustainable happens through BEGEISTERUNG?
  • Children are by nature social beings WANTING to integrate into the society in which they live?
  • ERRORS are part of the learning process and are a valuable part of independent learning?
  • FREE GAME is the child's natural activity and the foundation for any further learning?
  • SOCIAL LEARNING does not take place as a teaching medium, but in daily interaction?
  • Grades, class work, homework etc. NOT NECESSARY for the learning process?
  • that our RULE SCHOOL SYSTEM unfortunately can not offer that?

Among others, Prof. Dr. med. Dr. Manfred Spitzer - himself a father of 5 children - interviewed:

In it, in addition to many other interesting contents, also the connection between positive learning successes and the formation of self-confidence was shown. But his "hammer statement" was that since 50 years of knowledge about brain-oriented learning is not implemented in the educational life. This I found so extreme that I am currently researching the topic further.

Further information at:


One focus of our podcast is the topic of perception, which we want to explore more deeply on our shared journey of knowledge. And here we tackle the topic the other way round, as in the topic of consciousness: first from the scientific side and then we want to rethink the topic in our think tank and present the results here in the further course.

Basic definitions of perception from the scientific perspective - with just extraordinary highlights and a little bit beyond.


Problem Interview partner: In the podcast


What has this program brought us in terms of content on our journey of knowledge that we have begun today? With which questions do we go to the next program and who can stand here as a specialist expert if necessary.

Summary Uwe: In the podcast

Summary Thomas: In the podcast


In the next program, we will introduce the newly-conceived questions about perception from our think tank, which we will explore later in the podcast. And we are looking for interview partners who, as experts in awareness and perception, can tell us exactly what the current state of research is.


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