GF0003 | From Generalized Quantum Theory and Memory Loss


Hello there outside the digital world receivers! We welcome you to our third BITCH FOOD podcast episode. We, that are Uwe Volk and Thomas Tankiewicz. And we are the co-founders of the NEURONprocessing Institute for Brain and Futures Research. Our third episode is about creating a podcast in the turmoil of everyday life, grouping, the theory of generalized quantum theory (Weak Quantum Theory) and memory loss.

We understand our BREED food podcast as a travel companion to the limits of our consciousness and our perception - based on modern brain research.

What this journey of knowledge is about can be found in our BRAIN Food Podcast Trailer read and listen. There is also our current schedule.


And of course we start again with the news of the week. Say what our personal highlights were.

1. Uwe's highlight of the week:

The trigger for Uwe's highlight was an invitation to the online symposium "Science and Spirituality - Connecting the Worlds". This is an event by »Tattva Viveka. Journal of Science, Philosophy and Spiritual Culture «

Further information at:


About the symposium came Uwe on the work of PD Dr. Dr. Harald Walach with the title:

Generalized Quantum Theory (Weak Quantum Theory):

A theoretical basis for the understanding of transpersonal phenomena.

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Further information at:

2. Thomas highlight of the week:

Thomas has come across the case of Max Rinneberg, who suffered a memory loss that continues to this day for 2008 years at the age of 17 years due to a fall. Interesting here is the personal and emotional level of Max, how he had to be back in his - to find a new life ... to become conscious of himself again. Furthermore, it is amazing that brain research can not provide clear answers to this case - except that it may be a dissociative disorder.

Further information at:

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One focus of our podcast is the topic of brain research, which we want to explore more deeply on our joint knowledge journey.

Therefore, our talk in this show is the highlight of the week "memory loss".


The interview topic is and remains a work task and unfortunately did not come to fruition in the pitfalls of everyday life. But we will catch up on the interviews and then include them in the following episodes.


What has this program brought us in terms of content on our journey of knowledge that we have begun today? With which questions do we go to the next program and who can stand here as a specialist expert if necessary.

Résumé Uwe: Listening to the podcast »

Summary Thomas: In Podcast »


In the next program, we will report on our progress in terms of interview partners, who can tell us exactly what the current state of research is as experts in the areas of awareness, perception, memory loss, information storage in the brain, hypnosis and measuring methods.


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