GF0005 | The first moving pictures: monthly review as audio & video

I. WELCOME | TO THIS EPISODE: Our Monthly Review as Audio & Video

Hello there outside the digital world receivers! We welcome you to our fifth BITCH FOOD podcast episode: The First BRAIN FOOD monthly review as a podcast episode and YouTube video ... a real milestone ... YEA !!!

At the end of each month, there is this Monthly Review - as a live broadcast in audio & video format. In this we summarize all the new findings of the past month and arrange them to where they bring us on our common "knowledge journey" on.

What this journey of knowledge is about can be found in our BRAIN Food Podcast Trailer read and listen. There is also our current schedule.

Here is the link to ours 1. Monthly review on YouTube.

II. Contents / Shownotes:

Here are the contents / show notes of our previous episodes, which we discuss in our monthly review:

GF0000 | The BRAIN food podcast trailer

GF0001 | Beginning of a journey of knowledge

GF0002 | Perception on our journey of knowledge

GF0003 | From Generalized Quantum Theory and Memory Loss

GF0004 | From the Nobel Prize for sleeping and remembering in spite of the gap


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