Invitation to the lecture: BRAIN HACKING

Using brain technology to anticipate and optimize developments

NEURONprocessing Institute » and Hamburg @ work » invite you to this special presentation: on-site in Hamburg on 21.11 and then online.

The so-called NEURONprocessor » Software lets everyone access their unaware, implicit informational levels of the brain and, in addition, greatly increases their perception through the focused construction of morphic, associative resonance. Due to the additional knowledge gained with the NEURONprocessor, key information is obtained which provides a superior information perspective - a kind of "knowledge map". The NEURONprocessor thus enables every human being to obtain information that lies outside of their programmed patterns of thinking and perception in everyday life.

The lecture by Thomas Tankiewicz and Uwe E. Volk shows how this is possible with a software-based solution and which fascinating findings from brain research in relation to human perception are associated with it.

The speakers and the institute

As a recognized IT and science journalist, Thomas Tankiewicz increasingly dealt with the topic "What is information?" In the course of his professional life. And not only in the digital world, but also in our perception. To pursue this question consistently, he founded 1993 "ID-Publishing Verlags KG". The goal was to realize independent and authentic information with a qualified editorial team and publish it independently. Over time, there has been an ever-increasing focus on the areas of perception, consciousness, brain and futurology.

Together with the software developer Dirk Jacobasch and the graduate psychologist Uwe E. Volk they are following the "NEURONprocessing Institute » for Brain & Futures Research "the goal is to continue to implement the mechanisms of perception of the brain in the form of software. This allows a user to utilize enhanced brain management and to put the information thus obtained into practice.

Registration & Registration:

Participation on location in Hamburg:


21.11.2017 - 21.11.2017, 09: 30 clock


water Castle

Servant Series 4

20457 Hamburg


Participation Online:

The lecture will be recorded and prepared for the online version in the days thereafter.

This will then be available online for a few days. Please register here to see the online presentation:



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