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I. WELCOME | TO THIS EPISODE: Applied Brain Research

Hello there outside the digital world receivers! We welcome you to our sixth BITCH FOOD podcast episode. We, that are Uwe Volk and Thomas Tankiewicz. And we are the co-founders of the NEURONprocessing Institute for Brain Research and Futures Research.

In our sixth episode, we want to keep a promise from the previous programs and tell something about our institute and the "brain software" NEURONprocessor we have developed

We understand our BREED food podcast as a travel companion to the limits of our consciousness and our perception - based on modern brain research.

What this journey of knowledge is about can be found in our BRAIN Food Podcast Trailer read and listen. There is also our current schedule.


And of course we start again with the news of the week. Say what our personal highlights were.

1. Uwe's highlight of the week:

The completion of the reorientation of our NEURONprocessing Institute - which had begun mid-2016. The reorientation was necessary after Uwe came to the institute and we have since built a common field ????

Thus, we have been able to integrate a broad scientific foundation that greatly expands our large practical base. Building on this, we conduct further research, which will lead to a renewed development boost for the NEURONprocessor and our other developments and services.

Listen in the podcast »

2. Thomas highlight of the week:

Here we once again referred to our lecture "Brain Hacking - Feel and Optimize Developments with Brain Technology", for which you can still find yourself in Hamburg on the 21. November and can register online.

Further information at:

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Our talk in this broadcast is about the following topics:

  1. As promised in the previous episodes, we talked about the work of our institute.
  2. And as promised, we talked about our NEURONprocessor software, the idea behind it, its 6 perception levels and the new NEURONprocessor 3.

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Here Uwe Tom interviewed to the NEURONprocessor.

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What has this program brought us in terms of content on our journey of knowledge that we have begun today? With which questions do we go to the next program and who can stand here as a specialist expert if necessary.

Résumé Uwe: Listening to the podcast »

Summary Thomas: In Podcast »


In the next show we will talk about our NEURONcreator think tank and the BRAIN master.


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