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How do I request a new NEURONprocessor password?

The NEURONprocessor and NEURONpublisher use the same user database. Currently, this is the furthest in the NEURONpublisher integrated. Therefore, you have until further notice there trigger a new password there: Just on the NEURONpublisher page under click on "New Password" in the top bar. In the then opening window then enter your email and request the password.

If the new transition password comes via email, please log in to the NEURONpublisher within the next 6 hours with this transitional password and set a new - well noticeable - password. You do that in the "Settings" in the category "My Data" on the right side of the menu.

Note: After expiration of the 6 hours, the transition password is deleted again.

Once we have built this feature into the NEURONprocessor, you just need to go to the NEURONprocessor page below click on "New Passwor" in the upper bar.


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