GF0011 | Brain to production: "Please idea directly into the IOT - Internet of Things" - Part 1

In today's episode, we turn to the shortest path from idea development to finished services and products. The latter can also be developed for the so-called Internet of Things - IOT for short. This continues to penetrate our everyday lives and will have a tremendous impact on our present and future lives. Now, adding that we are at the intersection of connecting our brains directly to computer technology and, moreover, to the Internet, the whole dimension of the subject is revealed. Not to mention the challenge of artificial intelligence, which is also coming our way. But first, let's look at the Internet of Things and have invited a very interesting interview partner: Niels Löwe from Lionizers.

But now a lot of inspiration with our interview ...

We get along with ours BRAIN FOOD podcast as a traveling companion to the limits of our consciousness and perception - based on modern brain research.

What this journey of knowledge is about can be found in our BRAIN Food Podcast Trailer read and listen. There is also our current schedule.


  1. Who are you? Tell us briefly about you and your "Lionizers":
  2. Interesting from our preliminary talk was that you or you on "IOT - Internet of Things / Internet of Things" specialized. Can you give us your perspective on the IOT as a specialist?
  3. In your opinion, what are the biggest challenges associated with the Internet of Things in general?
  4. Did the established companies in Germany understand the Internet of Things correctly?
  5. Are there any opportunities for small companies or new startups?
  6. In your opinion, can IOT cause major disruptions?
  7. What are the previous product or development high lights from Germany?
  8. What do you think around the world as a groundbreaking IOT?
  9. ... Continue in part 2 ...

If you want to get in touch with Niels Löwe, you can here by email or on the company website LIONIZERS do.


In the next show we dedicate ourselves to that second part of the interview! In it we ask the questions, how to be more successful and better on the Internet of the Ding (IOT) with our NEURONprocessor and our NEURONprocessing think tank. For this we have Niels Löwe from the company LIONIZERS who are already successfully on the road in the IOT and who accompany customers in their digital transformation. And in the future with even more "brains" through the use of NEURONprocessor and the NEURONprocessing think tank.


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