Expand knowledge and skills at our academy:

The trainings, coachings and lectures of our academy help us to develop or deepen our services and applications.

This can be done individually or in a group.

Our academy program

Our NEURONprocessing Academy serves to provide our students with mental access to far-reaching information through our seminars, trainings, coaching sessions and lectures, thus opening up new opportunities in everyday life. This refers to our own developments NEURONprocessor » and NEURONpublisher » with - for the individual or a group.

Organizers or organizers of corporate events benefit from our expertise through the far-reaching benefits of our topics and research, both theoretically and practically:

  • Organizing one of our seminars or training
  • or booking as a speaker or keynote speaker.

Team & department building

For personal purposes or a company, organization, research institution, .... In order to obtain more information in projects, a highly specialized project team is formed as NEURONprocessor Solver (user).

NEURONpublisher - Get started

Just get started with the NEURONpublisher: register a free NEURONpublisher user account + watch a free webinar.

NEURONprocessor - Workshop

You will learn how our brain works and how we perceive human beings through the NEURONprocessor.

NEURONprocessor - Training

Individual and intensive learning of the functioning of our brain and our perception - and practical application using the NEURONprocessor

NEURONprocessor - Starter Course

Simply start with our NEURONprocessor brain management course: Free NEURONprocessor user registration + favorable NEURONprocessor course booking.

NEURONprocessor - BRAINcoaching

Individual online training as coaching by phone or Skype, which you can always book at any time as needed.

NEURONprocessor - Applications

Learn to use the NEURONprocessor with professional applications.

Master Coaching

How we recognize our personal patterns and learn to handle them. In everyday life and the NEURONprocessor application. Or: the obligation to be human!
Back to the future without flux compensator

Application - controlling the future

Make projects successful in the future.
Future Idea

Application - Ideation: Develop ideas

NEURONprocessing Ideation - or: Getting ideas from the future.

3. Theory of the NEURONprocessor method

3. Imparting the theoretical background of the NEURONprocessor method
A far-reaching worldview. Or: Why did not I know that yet?

2. Personal development

Develop values ​​consciously. OR: "Why is it so difficult for me to change my unloved habits?"

1. Psychological basic knowledge

1. Knowledge transfer of psychological knowledge
The must have of psychological foundations. Or: By thought leaders


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