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Understand the deeper use and advanced perception of the brain with the NEURONprocessor

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"Mindful" NEURON Brain Hacking

NEURONprocessor Workshop

The NEURONprocessing Institute invites to its new NEURONprocessor Workshop. In our workshop, we always define a current hanger to the versatile applications of the NEURONprocessor » to show you ours Think tank » or on our Academy » can learn by yourself. Currently we show that we have a valid alternative to the currently much discussed "Silicon Valley thinking".

To use an alternative to Silicon Valley thinking and developing, we must first look at the status quo of our thinking and acting.

And at the source: our brain! Which states of consciousness are associated with our thinking and how do they limit us? Only when we realize this limitation that is necessary for denying our everyday life, we realize why a more far-reaching thinking is absolutely necessary in order to develop or use the full creative power. We show how this works and which state of consciousness is associated with it.


  1. Opening address
  2. who are we
  3. About the NEURONprocessing Denkfabrik, Akademie & Institut
  4. What is "mindful" NEURON brain hacking, please?
  5. History of research up to the finished methodology
  6. Specific application examples
  7. Practical application using the example of a concept development
  8. The common approaches - with their corresponding states of consciousness
  9. The approach with far-reaching thinking - and the corresponding state of consciousness, using the example of the NEURONprocessor

A current contribution to this event can also be found in our GEHRIN Food Blog »

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The workshop will help you to find an entry into the NEURONprocessor or to make a decision Intensive Training, Therefore, it is also counted on the training.


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Our workshops will be in the unique HONG KONGSTUDIOS.DE carried out.

For bookings of suitable accommodation, we are happy to help.


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