NEURONprocessor 3 Public Beta

On this page you will find an overview of all necessary information and assistance

Required requirements for this "public beta":

  1. Access to this information ????
  2. An invitation to our "Public Beta" program.
  3. A NEURONprocessor 3 user account. If you do not have one yetSo you can go to the NEURONprocessor Register home.
  4. The use of our learning content provided here for free to use the NEURONprocessor 3

Of course, for the most diligent testers - for the most validated bugs - there is something to gain:

  1. Price: 6 hours coaching
  2. Price: 4 hours coaching
  3. Price: 2 hours coaching

Learn with our NEURONprocessor Starter Course - for free:

To book the course for free, just click on the picture or this link », You can not book directly through Udemy for free - just use the link here (please do not share).

If you do not know any further?

Use ours Skype group chat or call » .

Call us directly: + 49 40 46871237.

First exercises and joint projects:

We have already done some practice and community projects and will add more to the days. Please just ignore test assignments created by us and designated as such.

First, take a look at the NEURONprocessor 3 introductory video:

The NEURONprocessor theory and examples:

As for the current theoretical and methodological background of a concrete example (concept development), you can follow this up in our podcast episode Brain Hacking - Using brain technology to anticipate and optimize developments listen to.

Log in to the NEURONprocessor 3 Server with your login data:

  • Username: yours
  • Password: yours

For problems with the login, just ask our Technical Support » .

You can change your password in the settings if you want.

Here is an overview of all known bugs and their status on our beta board in Trello:

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