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Publishing and selling knowledge, solutions and concepts


The NEURONpublisher is the optimal platform

for easy content production and fair publishing.

You are author, publisher, reader and learner in one

In order to make his knowledge or new NEURONprocessor ideas and concepts available world-wide, these over the NEURONpublisher » published.

In the form of eBooks, interactive online books or textbooks with flashcards, notes, etc.

These will be free or with 90% margin over the NEURONpublisher Store » sold worldwide.

The NEURONpublisher is the only solution with web-based software for authors and reading apps for browsers, tablets and smartphones - plus eBooks in self-distribution and optional distribution via the large eBook stores.

Alternatively, our editorial staff will take over the Production in order ».

The NEURONpublisher is for personal use freely available " and you can just do it getting started ".

Easy to use

With the NEURONpublisher, attractive and powerful online books, eLearning courses and eBooks are created.

Several authors

You can publish any number of author names or pseudonyms for yourself or as a publisher.

Search engines and SEO

The NEURONpublisher is SEO optimized for users to find published publications on Google, Bing, Yahoo and other search engines.

Dedicated support

We are via live chat (skype), email, Support pages and forums to answer questions anytime.

A new market

We are looking for authors: expertise, books, scientific papers, training materials, diploma theses, ....

NEURONpublisher Author:

Writing and organizing his content in multimedia online books.

The NEURONpublisher author provides all necessary tools to prepare his contents and to publish them in the NEURONpublisher Store. Compared to static websites, blogs, ebooks and printed books, you can change its content on a daily basis and expand what is immediately displayed to the reader.

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from Überschrif

Give headings to its contents and sort them at any time according to its requirements.


Rewrite texts or import from Word, Pages or from any source where you have texts.


Link content together to create relationships.


Using Notepad for his work notes and to do lists.

Pictures & graphics

Import graphics and images and access them at any time while designing their content.

Videos & Tutorials

Integrate YouTube videos, webinar recordings, tutorials, etc. via the YouTube Video ID.


Unlock content after its completion or make it invisible again if you revise it.

Export: Web, PDF, eBook, Book, App, ...

Export finished content as a web page, for eBook publishing or for printing as a book. An app based on content is also possible as an option.

NEURONpublisher Store:

At any time publish its contents as its own publisher.

With just one click you publish your content worldwide in the NEURONpublisher Store. You decide freely on the selling price - from free to ... €. Only 10% is shared with us for the operation, development and marketing of NEURONpublisher.

That's how easy the NEURONpublisher Store works:

Interesting content in our growing NEURONpublisher Store:

Free choice of the selling price

There are no restrictions on its sale price and no obligation to exclusivity of its contents at the NEURONpublisher.

90% author's fee

We are also fair with the author's fee because we spend 90% of your turnover - right at the moment it takes place and not weeks later in connection with complicated billing.

Easy sale in the store

You just write a short description and simply define the content that should be included in the reading sample. Then you define yourself a price and release its content for sale - if you do not want to provide it for free.

Marketing Link

Similar to YouTube, one uses a link to promote its NEURONpublisher content on its website or in social media channels (FaceBook, Twitter, ...).

Sign Up & Premium booking

access typeFree accessPremium access
Space for his projects250 MB space for your own:
Graphics and Images
1 GB space for your own:
Graphics, pictures + Export files
Paper typesOnline books+ Export to: PDF, HTML and ePUB
Payment for online books with a retail price90% immediately on a successful sale90% immediately on a successful sale
Our sales commission for online books with a retail price10% on the self-imposed price 10% on the self-imposed price
NEURONprocessor teamFor personal benefit and community projects+ Use of the NEURONprocessor team function
NEURONprocessor Premium templatesStandard templates+ Use of all NEURONprocessor Premium templates
Pricefree9, - €
ConditionsFree forever9, - € / month payable annually: 108, - €
InstructionsJust choose on the NEURONpublisher page at the top of the "Register" barYou have to be registered at the NEURONpublisher and logged in to activate its Premium function: See after registration upper right corner "Premium Booking"
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