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The NEURONpublisher is an open authoring tool that allows you to capture its contents and knowledge in the form of interactive online books. This work also gladly takes over our experienced editors for authors or publishers.

1. inquiry

You simply describe your project and then point us to the material that we should prepare.

2. offer

Our editors submit in a short time an offer, how the described project can be implemented and at what price.

3. adoption

If the offer fits, you just accept it and the editor will start immediately. Of course, any queries are possible at any time.

4. Finished

After completion, you check the implementation and if everything fits, the sale starts immediately in the NEURONpublisher Store!

90% margin

90% author or publishing margin ... !!!

When marketing its contents, you can freely define the prices as author or publisher. When selling, of course, the majority of 90% immediately goes to the author or publisher. Only 10% commission go to us as NEURONpublisher operator. From this revenue we operate the system and make marketing for it - thus also for the announcement of the contents. The fact that we have the right nose for a system with a future is shown by the first awards for the NEURONpublisher:

Worldwide Store

Publishing its contents as a separate publisher in the NEURONpublisher Store

With just one click you publish your content worldwide in the NEURONpublisher Store. You decide freely on the selling price - from free to ... €. We as the operator ensure that published content is best found on all major search engines.

And now NEW: Subscriptions to Online Books »

NEURON publisher * Store

Selected content from our NEURONpublisher Store
Using the example of our author "Star Citizen News Radio":

The Lost Generation

This book is part of the Spectrum Dispatch series.

Author: Star Citizen News Radio

The Star Citizen timeline

The Star Citizen Zeitline starts in the year 2075. In it, striking points in the development of humanity are shown.

Author: Star Citizen News Radio

Star Citizen Company

This book describes the collaborations of the Star Citizen universe.

Author: Star Citizen News Radio

Other interesting content can be found in the growing NEURONpublisher Store:


Banner for its marketing like iTunes or App Store

A product or shop banner (badge) allows the own marketing on websites, blogs, Facebook, forums, Facebook, Twitter, etc. This is pure HTML code, as in the integration of a YouTube video - ie super easy. The look is known eg from the iTunes or App Store badges. With a click on the banner (badge), customers can access the desired content in the NEURONpublisher Store.

Here on the example of our "NEURONprocessor learning and applying" online book ... of course created in the NEURONpublisher:

Reader app

For the created reading and learning content, a free reader app (reading and learning tool) for computers, iPhones, iPads and tablets is available to you and your customers.

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