The new NEURONpublisher update offers a unique feature for all authors and trainers who want to publish their knowledge worldwide:

The multiple use of content in your own online books and eBooks!

Take as an example a trainer who creates a textbook for beginners, advanced and professionals. In all 3 books comes his trainer profile. Now he has to update this because he has expanded his spectrum.

With the new Multiple Use feature, it only needs to change this profile once in any of its 3 books - and it is automatically updated in all 3 books.

This also applies to the creation of his optional eBooks (ePubs). The ePub export is a premium feature of the Neuro Publisher.

This feature does not currently offer any other online publishing system.

Get a free NEURONpublisher user account now and start publishing for free:

For all NEURONprocessor users / solvers,

We have now completed the update to the NEURONprocessor 2.0.2, which brings you the long-awaited team function. This has proven itself in a one-week live test with our beta testing in the application. The software is now fully available again for all users.

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From the 3. - 10. February 2016 the new team function is integrated into the NEURONprocessor. During this time, the NEURONprocessor is only accessible to the users of our beta program (tester). If you have to carry out (urgent) assignments or missions during this time, then contact our support (, so that this can redirect you to an alternative server.

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NEURONpublisher Update 2.1.5 is now available. Here are the main changes in this update.

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We have recorded a new update today. Here are the main changes in this update.

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Hi all,

with the update 2.1.1 the following new features come into the NEURONpublisher:

  • If a new book is created, then the name and surname will be used as the author if specified in the settings.
  • Images can now easily be replaced and no longer need to be re-uploaded and assigned. Just go to "Edit Images", select the image you want to change and click on the thumbnail to upload a new image.
  • Movies can now also be changed and no longer need to be recreated and assigned. To do this you go to "Edit Movies" and select the movie you want to change. Here you can also change the YouTube ID now.

Your NEURONpublisher team

Hi all,

With the new update 2.1.0 we have introduced a new payment method to the NEURONpublisher. This allows books with subscription to sell. Thus, it is now possible that books that are subject to constant enlargement - such as teaching content - can be paid monthly. The reader is free to renew or cancel his subscription if he does not want to read the book. There is no auto-renewal like other subscription models which gives the subscriber the freedom to decide for themselves when and how long they want to run the subscription. More freedom in the design of a subscription is not possible.

In the following all new features are listed

  • Books can now be sold as a subscription. All subscribers receive payment reminders 2 week before expiration of the subscription, about 2 days before expiration of the subscription and the expiration of the subscription. The renewal of an subscription is voluntary. If no extension is made, the book is no longer available for the subscriber. In addition, a subscriber receives a notification when an author removes a book with a subscription from the store. The subscription will continue until the end of the current term.
  • If a book is placed in the store, then the payment method can not be changed.
  • Improvement of performance.
  • Fixed a bug in the UI.

Dirk Jacobash

NEURON Processing Development

We would like to inform all registered NEURONpublisher users that we now - at 13. July 2015 16: 00 CEST - make a NEURONpublisher update. During this time, the server will not be reachable. We post when the server is back online.