added: There is something going on in Silicon Valley and something is going on there. Something that is not insignificant and affects all our lives in one way or another.

But: Does it have to stay that way? Are not we the land of poets and thinkers and full of innovation?

Our approach is:

"We can also develop something on this basis"

They are: By combining our collective disposition with far-reaching thinking.

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Who does not want that:

Self "back to the future" now possible without "flux compensator": with the NEURONprocessor future control

So far, it has been "science fiction" to influence our present with knowledge from the future. But now this is possible with the NEURONprocessor. This provides the parameters and parameters to make organizations and projects more successful in the future. »Also in our think tank for even more far-reaching information to commission: NEURONcreator future control »

Fetch ideas from the future and realize them in the present: With the NEURONprocessor idea development

Our future ICH knows best about our successful ideas. So - we just work together with him in the present to maximally develop them together. Does this change our future timeline? In any case, because that's the point! »Also in our think tank for even more far-reaching information to commission: NEURONcreator Ideas Development »

For this we organize at the 3. March an exclusive NEURONprocessor training.

In it we convey these two applications:

  1. Back to the Future: Perception of optimal, future development potentials and their subsequent control for organizations and projects.
  2. With his future ICH work: Developing ideas for products, concepts, solutions, etc. from the future.

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Theory of the NEURONprocessor

Based on current brain research

"In 3 seconds to reality"

By Thomas Tankiewicz
Head of the NEURONprocessing Institute & Science Journalist

How to create an image of reality that has always been 3 seconds in the past.

With the NEURONprocessor software we take advantage of a fundamental mechanism of the brain, which we have taken from findings of brain research.

Let us first come to the practical part of the so-called "3 second bar".

One NEURONprocessor User (solver) is a concept and solution developer who has more access to his brain and associatively reads out information fields via morphic resonances: eg as matrix, collective unconscious, morphic field, etc. In combination, these two types of information call brain-matrix, as both seem closely interwoven.

One NEURONprocessor » At the core, the user (solver) learns how important it is to stick to the structure that the NEURONprocessor software dictates. The main purpose of the structure is to consider relevant only those information that spontaneously - ie within 3 seconds - rises in it. The information going beyond these 3 seconds can already be their own interpretations and personal contributions - and thus potentially of an analytical nature.

The three-second cycle illustrates why a solver needs to keep moving while working with the NEURONprocessor. It also becomes clear that humans are used to letting information flow into their consciousness within three seconds. This insight shows how the NEURONprocessor works in principle!

In NEURONprocessor theory, we postulate the said "non-material brain-matrix", in which any information about neuter and not neuter things are contained. These can be realized by focusing. The solver psychologically perceives information with his brain via a resonance effect and decodes it according to a specific procedure (protocol). He objectifies by writing, drawing and pronouncing the information thus obtained. It can be assumed that intuition - in the sense of forebodings and intuition - is based on the same effect. Only the intuition occurs more situationally or spontaneously and always goes hand in hand with the amount of meaning that is given to it. Women tend to do this more than men - because both appear to be equally intuitive in current research.

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We are looking for authors and interesting content: expertise, books, texts, scientific papers, training materials, scripts, diploma theses, ... in our NEURONpublisher Store to be published: online books, eLearning and eBooks.

With the Neuro Publisher We have opened a brand new "distribution channel" where you can make real money from your existing content. You get 90% margin on sales - with immediate payout! That's far more than eBook sales - and no technical effort.

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Once again - after 2012 - the NEURONpublisher is "Best of Category - eLearning"Innovation Award IT 2015". More details will follow soon!

BestOf E-Learning 2015

The INNOVATIONSPREIS-IT of the Initiative Mittelstand bridges the gap between IT innovation and SMEs every year. The patronage 2012 had the federal commissioner for information technology of the Federal Government and the IBM Germany GmbH. The Initiative Mittelstand awards the INNOVATIONSPREIS-IT company with innovative IT solutions and high utility value for SMEs.

The expert jury awarded the NEURONprocessing Institute the title BEST OF 2012 for Web2Touch in the E-Learning category - now renamed to NEURONpublisher for official market launch.

"This excellent product has particularly convinced the jury and thus belongs to the top group of applications submitted via 2.500."

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This has been revealed by recent research by the University of Washington, where the brain was observed (non-invasive magnetoencephalography). Each time a baby hears speech (syllables), regions that are used for listening and motor speech preparation are activated at the same time.

So the baby's brain is already "back to speech" after 7 months, trying to figure out which motor movements are needed. This emphasizes the importance of talking to babies at every opportunity - even if they are not yet responding.

Against this background, the supposedly incoherent babbling of babies can be seen, which is also used for language preparation. And the babies have already built up a great vocabulary in this learning phase, we learn when they actually begin to speak "verbally". This usually starts in 12. to 17. Month.

Germany's excellent * Internet Publishing System "Web2Touch" now becomes "NEURONpublisher". Thus, the new name fits into the other NEURONprocessing product names "NEURONprocessor" and "NEURONintelligence".

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The NEURONpublisher has published two more free Star Citizen eBooks in the original English text and in the German translation.

Cassandra's Tears is a story from the Star Citizen Spectrum Dispatch series.

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