We are looking for authors and interesting content: expertise, books, texts, scientific papers, training materials, scripts, diploma theses, ... in our NEURONpublisher Store to be published: online books, eLearning and eBooks.

With the Neuro Publisher We have opened a brand new "distribution channel" where you can make real money from your existing content. You get 90% margin on sales - with immediate payout! That's far more than eBook sales - and no technical effort.

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In the NEURONpublisher, two more free Star Citizen eBooks were published in the original English text and in the German translation.

The Galactic Guide is a book in which all Star Citizen systems are described. The book will continue to expand as it releases new releases on the Galactic Guide Star Citizen website gives.

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The NEURONpublisher - under its development name Web2012Touch - has already been nominated for the D-ELINA "German E-Learning Innovation and Young Talent Award" - and is now regarded as one of the most groundbreaking e-learning concepts for its brand introduction.

The jury consisted of experts in e-learning and education. The Young Talent Prize is awarded annually by the German Network of E-Learning Actors (D-ELAN). Sponsors of the competition are beside the LEARNTEC the bit media GmbH, the Know How! AG and MIT e-Solutions GmbH.

Wanted were young talents, who use the diverse opportunities for the reorganization of learning processes with innovative ideas and using new media. Students, young scientists, start-ups as well as established users were invited to submit contributions in the categories "Campus" and "Professional". The NEURONpublisher has made it to the top 3 places.

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The INNOVATIONSPREIS-IT of the Initiative Mittelstand bridges the gap between IT innovation and SMEs every year. The patronage 2012 had the federal commissioner for information technology of the Federal Government and the IBM Germany GmbH. The Initiative Mittelstand awards the INNOVATIONSPREIS-IT company with innovative IT solutions and high utility value for SMEs.

The expert jury awarded the NEURONprocessing Institute the title BEST OF 2012 for Web2Touch in the E-Learning category - now renamed to NEURONpublisher for official market launch.

"This excellent product has particularly convinced the jury and thus belongs to the top group of applications submitted via 2.500."

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In NEURONpublisher another free Star Citizen eBooks was published in the original English text.

Orbital Supermax is a story from the Star Citizen Spectrum Dispatch series.

The eBook can be found in the original English text under the following link in the NEURONpublisher Store:

Orbital Supermax - English

The NEURONpublisher once again published a new free Star Citizen eBook in the original English text.

The eBook can be found at NEURONpublisher Store at the following link:

A separate law - by Griffin Barber

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