In today's episode, we're technically staying with the topic of digitization:

Niels Löwe from the company Lionizers had interviewed us in his podcast ways of digitization. The interview was in return to our Interview with Niels about IOT - Internet of Things led.

We get along with ours BRAIN FOOD podcast as a traveling companion to the limits of our consciousness and perception - based on modern brain research.

What this journey of knowledge is about can be found in our BRAIN Food Podcast Trailer read and listen. There is also our current schedule.

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To all future designers,

the time has come - our new NEURONprocessing StartUp is launched as think tank, academy and institute for brain & future research with the following mission:

"Through the optimized use of our brain and artificial intelligence, we enable a broader information gathering for individuals and organizations." More on our homepage »

The application enables new ideas, new knowledge, innovative solutions, previously unperceivable information, future-oriented concepts and products, etc.

In addition, we research and teach the perception of future developments and their premature realization.

We are proud to make available to everyone our unique services worldwide: from the free use of our Software », about cheap Starter Courses » and professional Trainings / Coachings », right down to the exclusive ones Think Tank Projects », There are new types of investors Options ».

For the start of May we offer the following exclusive and limited services:

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added: There is something going on in Silicon Valley and something is going on there. Something that is not insignificant and affects all our lives in one way or another.

But: Does it have to stay that way? Are not we the land of poets and thinkers and full of innovation?

Our approach is:

"We can also develop something on this basis"

They are: By combining our collective disposition with far-reaching thinking.

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We cordially invite you to our workshop "OUTPACE YOUR TEAM @ WORK" at 19. April in Hamburg.

On the occasion of the opening of our NEURONprocessing Academy » the workshop is free, because we speak as speakers.

The focus of the event is the practical exchange of experience between executives and HR managers around the use of digital tools for corporate and employee development.

In order to make success predictable, numerous companies and executives are already using digital tools. However, thanks to the knowledge and commitment, intelligent organizations are constantly evolving as much as possible.

Only if the experience of the employees in all planning phases is tapped efficiently and simply, will this create swarm intelligence, instead of time-consuming flood of data with subsequent herd instinct. Current findings from the perception and consciousness research show how this works.

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Who does not want that:

Self "back to the future" now possible without "flux compensator": with the NEURONprocessor future control

So far, it has been "science fiction" to influence our present with knowledge from the future. But now this is possible with the NEURONprocessor. This provides the parameters and parameters to make organizations and projects more successful in the future. »Also in our think tank for even more far-reaching information to commission: NEURONcreator future control »

Fetch ideas from the future and realize them in the present: With the NEURONprocessor idea development

Our future ICH knows best about our successful ideas. So - we just work together with him in the present to maximally develop them together. Does this change our future timeline? In any case, because that's the point! »Also in our think tank for even more far-reaching information to commission: NEURONcreator Ideas Development »

For this we organize at the 3. March an exclusive NEURONprocessor training.

In it we convey these two applications:

  1. Back to the Future: Perception of optimal, future development potentials and their subsequent control for organizations and projects.
  2. With his future ICH work: Developing ideas for products, concepts, solutions, etc. from the future.

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Theory of the NEURONprocessor

Based on current brain research

"In 3 seconds to reality"

By Thomas Tankiewicz
Head of the NEURONprocessing Institute & Science Journalist

How to create an image of reality that has always been 3 seconds in the past.

With the NEURONprocessor software we take advantage of a fundamental mechanism of the brain, which we have taken from findings of brain research.

Let us first come to the practical part of the so-called "3 second bar".

One NEURONprocessor User (solver) is a concept and solution developer who has more access to his brain and associatively reads out information fields via morphic resonances: eg as matrix, collective unconscious, morphic field, etc. In combination, these two types of information call brain-matrix, as both seem closely interwoven.

One NEURONprocessor » At the core, the user (solver) learns how important it is to stick to the structure that the NEURONprocessor software dictates. The main purpose of the structure is to consider relevant only those information that spontaneously - ie within 3 seconds - rises in it. The information going beyond these 3 seconds can already be their own interpretations and personal contributions - and thus potentially of an analytical nature.

The three-second cycle illustrates why a solver needs to keep moving while working with the NEURONprocessor. It also becomes clear that humans are used to letting information flow into their consciousness within three seconds. This insight shows how the NEURONprocessor works in principle!

In NEURONprocessor theory, we postulate the said "non-material brain-matrix", in which any information about neuter and not neuter things are contained. These can be realized by focusing. The solver psychologically perceives information with his brain via a resonance effect and decodes it according to a specific procedure (protocol). He objectifies by writing, drawing and pronouncing the information thus obtained. It can be assumed that intuition - in the sense of forebodings and intuition - is based on the same effect. Only the intuition occurs more situationally or spontaneously and always goes hand in hand with the amount of meaning that is given to it. Women tend to do this more than men - because both appear to be equally intuitive in current research.

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The FAZ sheds light on a very fundamental question of our future: Man and machines Coexistence:

Artificial Intelligence Rise of Computer Brains

Artificial intelligence is one of the most important themes of this century. Ingenious researchers are in this field and successful companies. What place does man take in the future?

Artificial Neural Networks: The great hope is that computer programs learn by themselves.
Three predictions from leading experts. First, "I think there is a world market for maybe five computers." Second, "There's no reason people should have a computer at home." Third, "640.000 bytes of storage should be enough for everyone."

The first sentence said the former president of the computer company IBM Thomas Watson in the year 1943, the second of the computer pioneer and entrepreneur Ken Olson in the year 1977, the third none other than Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates in the year 1981. All statements are not really old to give them a historical dimension.

They show how hard even those sometimes do with the opportunities of technology they can best gauge. Anyone looking back on this today can take as an advice for the future that great caution seems to be when it comes to seriously speculating what computer probably never will be able to.

"Computers will surpass us"

The discussion about "artificial intelligence", whether, when and how computers will overtake us humans once in every mental effort, is currently in full swing. And she has also reached the top of committees that make decisions for countless people. The The highest-ranking White House experts have explicitly encouraged this at the end of last yearto prepare for a life in which artificial intelligence plays a dominant role.

Scientist of the International Monetary Fund In turn, they analyzed the economic opportunities and risks at length - and found that clever computers could ultimately solve any aging problem, but could also lead to escalating distributional conflicts as a result of brutal inequality.

The prognosis of the just 75 years old world-famous physicist Stephen Hawking in the space says: "The computers will someday in the next hundred years with their artificial intelligence outnumber the people." Renowned companies put many resources in this field, for example, the technology companies Alphabet (Google), Apple and Facebook, the major automakers or the German concern Bosch. And of course countless small start-ups around the globe. ...

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Image: © © Steven T. Caputo, Artificial Neural Networks: The big hope right now is that computer programs learn by themselves.

Parent-Advisor Sarah Nolden has written an understandable article about brain mechanisms in children's temper tantrums and wine attacks:

How to deal with tantrums and inexplicable wine attacks?

Why we can not think clearly sometimes.

  • Have you ever wondered why your child does not listen to you and does not seem to help when it's screaming on the ground because it's not allowed to have the 3te ice cream?
  • It does not seem to your child 100sten times that it hurts the cat to be pulled on the tail?
  • Have you ever wondered why you just can not stop complaining.
  • When you ask yourself inside, why do I say that all here?
  • We may condemn ourselves in retrospect and we are sorry, what we in the "heat of battle" our partner everything to the head.

It's up to your brain!

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Community project of NEURONcreator DENKfabrik:

This joint project aims to develop an optimal solution for the individual NEURONprocessor user, to professionally learn the NEURONprocessor in everyday life and to apply it permanently. The goal is to maximize the benefits and benefits of the NEURONprocessor both professionally and privately. The questions in the template are hidden and will be processed spontaneously only in level 6 of the mission, so that in the run-up no thoughts can be made.

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Community project of NEURONcreator DENKfabrik:

This joint project is a very ambitious project inspired by recent research in this field. We want to get to the bottom of the matter and explore this topic.

It is about developing a concept or approach to slow down or stop aging processes in humans. For this, it is important to determine the decisive factors and parameters and to describe their relation to each other.

We have created an order for this and would like to call you to work on the project. The resulting results are available to all participants afterwards for free use.

We would also appreciate the participation of medical professionals and specialists in the field on this project.

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