Parent-Advisor Sarah Nolden has written an understandable article about brain mechanisms in children's temper tantrums and wine attacks:

How to deal with tantrums and inexplicable wine attacks?

Why we can not think clearly sometimes.

  • Have you ever wondered why your child does not listen to you and does not seem to help when it's screaming on the ground because it's not allowed to have the 3te ice cream?
  • It does not seem to your child 100sten times that it hurts the cat to be pulled on the tail?
  • Have you ever wondered why you just can not stop complaining.
  • When you ask yourself inside, why do I say that all here?
  • We may condemn ourselves in retrospect and we are sorry, what we in the "heat of battle" our partner everything to the head.

It's up to your brain!

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Learning through more plasticity

Brain & Mind describes in the current article, how it could be possible in the future, through special drugs, to give back to the adult's brain its original ability to learn (plasticity) - at least in part. We know the problem when working with the NEURONprocessor, which aims to "outsmart" these established ways of thinking and perceiving adults.

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