added: There is something going on in Silicon Valley and something is going on there. Something that is not insignificant and affects all our lives in one way or another.

But: Does it have to stay that way? Are not we the land of poets and thinkers and full of innovation?

Our approach is:

"We can also develop something on this basis"

They are: By combining our collective disposition with far-reaching thinking.

Since 1996 we are dealing with basic research on these topics. Also with the relevant work of Stanford University - the origin of Silicon Valley. In the last 20 years, something special has matured from this, which we provide today to anyone who has recognized the necessary "rethinking". Of course, not quite unselfish, because we want to continue investing in our ambitious development.

For this we organize at the 24. April an exclusive online event titled


How we use our collective disposition as a nation of poets and thinkers - combined with far-reaching thinking - for more innovation

Further information, the agenda, the exact time and the possibility of registration can be found here in our academy »

Right now register for free "

Background noise

In addition, we would like to refer to Christoph Keese, who with his bestseller "Silicon Valley: What comes to us from the most powerful valley in the world" has triggered a revival process in the German economy, research and industry, which has since become a rendezvous in Silicon Valley gives. But not everyone gets this access.

More information "

His follow-up work "Silicon Germany: How we create the digital transformation" already provides a wealth of thinking and blueprints for changing behavior.

More information "

Going beyond that, we are able to deliver the blueprints for successful brainstorming, etc., or to enable them on their own - with a certain amount of learning.

It is now time to rethink and start ... for a conversation and questions we are almost always available:

Tel + 49 40 468 712-37

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