new NEURONprocessing StartUp is launched as a think tank, academy and institute for brain and future research with the following mission

To all future designers,

the time has come - our new NEURONprocessing StartUp is launched as think tank, academy and institute for brain & future research with the following mission:

"Through the optimized use of our brain and artificial intelligence, we enable a broader information gathering for individuals and organizations." More on our homepage »

The application enables new ideas, new knowledge, innovative solutions, previously unperceivable information, future-oriented concepts and products, etc.

In addition, we research and teach the perception of future developments and their premature realization.

We are proud to make available to everyone our unique services worldwide: from the free use of our Software », about cheap Starter Courses » and professional Trainings / Coachings », right down to the exclusive ones Think Tank Projects », There are new types of investors Options ».

For the start of May we offer the following exclusive and limited services:

Do not leave good ideas to chance ...

... but you can always learn to develop your best ideas: with our NEURONprocessor brain management app. This allows access to the unaware, implicit information levels of the brain and greatly enhances perception through the focused construction of morphic / associative resonance:

We help faster to better and unusual ideas ...

... with our unique agile think tank ideation process (brainstorming) for the sustainable increase of the innovative power:

For further questions we are always personally available »

With best regards,
Thomas Tankiewicz, Uwe Volk and Dirk Jacobasch


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