The NEURONprocessing think tank

Faster to better and unusual ideas & information:

With our agile ideation process for a sustainable increase in innovation power

Based on the NEURONprocessor 3: Collective & Artificial Intelligence

From our daily thinking, our brain filters out high-quality ideas & information - rejects them - and unconsciously stores them for us.

Mathematically considered in 99 by 100 cases ...

With our NEURONprocessor software and methodology we offer maximum access to these unconsciously stored memory contents - for higher quality:

ideas Projects Products Concepts Solutions Strategies developments creativity future planning Research ...

The results go far beyond the possibilities of brainstorming and creativity techniques available today!

You can hire us here as a think tank - or learn the process based on our NEURONprocessor software at our academy - or even set up your own department for this purpose with us.

Achievements and Benefits

A new kind of think tank with the following benefits and benefits

key information

Additional knowledge from the NEURONprocessing DENKfabrik contains key information that provides a higher-level information perspective - a kind

"Knowledge map"

It contains a wealth of information that helps you get the job of a think tank job done faster.

Guaranteed, always & confidentially

Guaranteed results
You always get useful results.

Short term data
The required data is available at short notice and can be planned: as a text, outline MindMap file - or on a digital whiteboard.

Refine at any time
You can enter into individual questions - with the option of subse- quently refining sub-aspects for further questions.

Anonymous & Confidential
The anonymity within the NEURONprocessing DENKfabrik is guaranteed at all times!

New thinking in and out

The additional knowledge from the NEURONprocessing DENKfabrik reduces the internal projects and projects inside. This is inevitably "programmed" in the form of established thought and perception patterns. The effect applies to one personally and also in organizations, departments, teams, ....

With the NEURONprocessing DENKfabrik one accelerates!

Expiration of a Think Tank order

The following points describe step by step the process from a request to a commissioning of the NEURONprocessing think tank.

1. feasibility

In the inquiry we need the description of the initial situation and the desired objective of the intended order. In addition, there are the question (s) in keywords to which answers are to be worked out by us. We check incoming requests for their feasibility and contact us if you have any questions. If the feasibility is given, we will vote the further procedure personally.

2. Price after effort

The price of an order essentially derives from the number of questions asked. A query is a concrete question within the scope of an order. The more questions are formulated - the higher the effort in the development.

3. Payment

The payment of an order is made 50% in advance and 50% after the results have been made available. Is the 1. If payment is received, the order will be processed within 3 - 10 working days.

4. Development of the data

We realize the order data to 100% anonymized in the NEURONprocessor - the central working tool of our think tank. The data is developed with the software by our "Idea Developer Team" and then evaluated by certified analysts. All project participants are obliged to maintain secrecy by means of confidentiality statements.

5. Apply results

The results are made available as a Word or MindMap file - or on a digital whiteboard. The information provided is evaluated and integrated into the project, project or problem underlying an order.

6. questions

For further inquiries, we are available within the scope of the respective order performance - and we help with the implementation of the new data as an option. These can optionally be further refined in particularly important points as part of a follow-up order.

How do you test the NEURONprocessing think tank?

To convince yourself of the power of our think tank, we recommend our brainstorming or a single question: see Conditions »

Once the data has convinced you, you can refine it in a follow-up order.

Services: Implementation & Integration

  • concept development
  • strategy development
  • Creating Presentations (Slides & Film)
  • Implementation of think tank data
  • Participation in projects
  • Project management / project coordination
  • Creating roadmaps and influencing their successful implementation
  • Project Reconciliation / Jour Fixe as regularly recurring meeting appointment (regular appointment) with the respective team of the client and our project team or project manager: Weekly, Monthly, all 2 months or all 3 months - or as required.
  • Consultation in the consideration of psychological aspects in the successful implementation of projects: eg detection of obstacles and their practical overcoming (based on the information from a think tank project and the information gained during the implementation)
  • App / software development for projects that have or include this.

Prices on demand "

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