Getting started & To learn

Start working in 5 steps with the NEURONpublisher & Publish:

In it, we show how easy it is to prepare its content (knowledge and intellectual property) with the NEURONpublisher for the purpose of reading or learning for its audience. With the procedure shown in the video, you can publish your finished content for free or at a price of your choice in the worldwide NEURONpublisher Store at the push of a button.

One becomes with the NEURONpublisher author, publisher or even teacher of its knowledge, its contents, its topics, ....

In it we show the application of NEURONpublisher for its own projects. From the creation of a book, to the creation of chapters, to the collection and editing of its contents: texts, cross-references, graphics, pictures and films. And of course we show the publication at the push of a button of his online book in the worldwide NEURONpublisher Store.

If you stop many online books or productions have a high percentage of images and graphics, then you can book yourself with the "NEURONpublisher Premium" more online storage space. At the same time you get the function to export your finished online books as HTML, PDF and eBook files. These can be used to additionally publish and distribute its contents:

Own websites

eBook Stores

Print on Demand


This makes the NEURONpublisher the central publishing system on the Internet that gives its customers access to its online books from anywhere using any device - including flashcards, a notepad and much, much more ....

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