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NEURONprocessing think tank, academy & institute

Applied Brain and Futures Research

2006 Thomas Tankiewicz and Dirk Jacobasch founded the NEURONprocessing Institute for Applied Brain & Futures Research. This also had a great emphasis on learning & knowledge management. It emerged from the 1996-based ISFR - Institute for Brain Research, Science & Futures Research. There, the theoretical foundations for today's applications were created. 2014 joined the graduate psychologist Uwe E. Volk to the founding team.

At the beginning of 2018, the start-up was called StartUp under the name "NEURONprocessing Denkfabrik, Akademie und Institut für Brain- & Zukunftsforschung" - with the following objective:

"Using brain technology and artificial intelligence (AI) to anticipate and optimize potential developments".

As a result, with our think tank, we deliver new ideas, new knowledge, innovative solutions, previously unperceivable information, future-oriented concepts and products, etc.

And we teach the perception of future developments and their premature realization.

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Thomas Tankiewicz

Thomas Tankiewicz

Co-Founder & Director (CEO)

Thomas Tankiewicz manages the NEURONprocessing think tank, Akademie & Institut, is a trainer and coach at the NEURONprocessing Academy and is responsible for the successful realization of projects at the NEURONprocessing Denkfabrik - in particular for future-oriented projects at the think tank. In addition, he is involved in research at the NEURONprocessing Institute, is the journalist in charge of the GEHIRNfutter blog and moderates the GEHIRNfutter podcast.

He is a former science journalist, publisher and co-founder of the "ISFR - Institute for Brain Research, Science & Futures Research." Since 1994, he has devoted himself to the subject of applied perceptual, consciousness and brain research with a focus on these topics constructively in the area of ​​concrete problems and pragmatic developments, and it is important to him to establish the applications resulting from these developments on a broad basis in society.

"Due to the complexity of the topic and the deeper research, I consider all this with much joy and commitment as a kind of life task. Since I stand up for this topic with my name, I attach great importance to openness, seriousness, quality and scientificity. "

If you have questions about my work, just contact me ...

Dirk Jacobash

Dirk Jacobash

Co-Founder & Development Manager (CTO)

Dirk Jacobasch is since his 14. Year of life programmer and has since 1998 at the "ISFR - Institute for Brain Research, Science & Futures Research" created the basis for today's applications.

He leads the entire NEURONprocessing software development and software developments resulting from corresponding think tank projects.

"In my spare time, I'm a passionate gamer and I'm into game development."

If you have questions about my work, just contact me ...

Uwe E. Volk

Uwe E. Volk

Co-Founder & Research Director (CSO)

Uwe E. Volk is a trained banker and multiparadigmatic-oriented psychologist. He is interested in his whole being willing people simply (their own) to convey psychological issues, so as to stand up for a more meaningful and more economic togetherness. Equipped with a scientific 1 and some confirmed hypotheses, he first worked in a permanent position at a management consultant and then for the management of a high-end hi-fi brand. There he worked with psychological-economic mind and intuition on people, structure, processes and work equipment.

He leads the research at the NEURONprocessing Institute, is a trainer and coach at the NEURONprocessing Academy and is responsible for the successful implementation of projects at the NEURONprocessing Denkfabrik. For example, he created a training concept for coaches in adult education and the psychological questionnaires for the team monitoring tool OUTPACE - a joint venture between NEURONprocessing Denkfabrik and its partner nudge.

"I decided to start studying psychology with 2001 in order to mentally integrate parapsychology, almost swallowed up by the psycho-mechanistic mainstream wave, and I developed an opportunity for 2009 to write a diploma thesis to verify morphic fields of orientation behavior.

The implications of the synchronicity theory and the theory of morphic fields firmly in mind, I developed from 1999 the cornerstones of my coaching method, the meta-meta-communication, which can be described as multiparadigmatisch-oriented. Part of the Master Coaching at the NEURONprocessing Academy today. "

If you have questions about my work, just contact me ...

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