Ideation: Ideas development

Agile Ideation Process: Remote or in the Idea Lab

"Our ideation process is unique in delivering results in the shortest amount of time, ensuring your edge while saving costs!"

Day One

How our ideation process works in variants from 2 to 10 days:

  • 1 step | Create a project order:

    What information is needed? Together with them, the development of a questionnaire that defines all queries for your project - or they take our proven standard template shown here.

  • 2. Step | Carrying out the "brain missions":

    Here, the perception of far-reaching information occurs with maximum access to our brain and our intuition. This happens through a special mental condition induced by our NEURONprocessor software! The realization takes place in our IdeenLabor by our certified Solver team. Optionally by a team within your organization - see below: Variants.

  • 3. Step | Analyze & integrate results:

    The final cluster analysis identifies the resulting information aggregation. These represent the most valuable ideas and aspects that were previously not visible in your project - or are now presented in more detail. Next, this high-quality information will be integrated into your existing tools and processes - such as: planning tools, information management systems, etc.

Realization & submission

Our ideation process provides descriptions of the following key information:

Application: Ideation / brainstorming
  1. An external perspective of their initial situation, which led to the commissioned ideation.
  2. The first step on the path of realization, the idea (s) developed through ideation.
  3. The potential difficulties and obstacles, on the way to a successful realization - and how they can be overcome optimally.
  4. The optimal course of the implementation of the idea (s) and the associated significant milestones as partial goals.
  5. The description of their optimal idea resulting from the ideation.
  6. The optimal mental "connection" to the newly created idea space of their ideation.
  7. Description of their optimal work and procedure in the successful realization of the idea (s).
  8. Their emotions and thoughts prevailing at the time of successful implementation of ideas, in order to enhance the efficiency of their realization in the present.
  9. The detailed description of the new idea (s) at the time of their final implementation.

In detail

The practical implementation of our ideation:

effective range

We create a huge field of action with the NEURONprocessing ideation process. This is universally applicable and has a far-reaching benefit:

The application areas cover everything that can be defined as a task in the ideation area. Particularly suitable are:

  1. Plastic applications: when it comes to "simulating" or mentally playing through different application scenarios in advance.
  2. Professional further developments according to their specifications: "We are just at this point in our development ... - and want to be shown the best possible direction in which we can go on."
  3. Complete new developments: that have a far-reaching and successful impact in the future.

information field

Our ideation process builds up a resonant information field that transfers to them as customers and helps them to translate the information they have gained.

Defined thinking

We start thinking with them in advance to plan the overall process together. At the end of the process, they are in a position to implement or apply the information gained more and more independently.

This "common thinking" from the beginning creates a high identification with the result. After all, our idea developers use our NEURONprocessor software to work out the contents of the queries that we have already defined in advance. These reflect their required data at the end of ideation.

Optional: You or your coworkers work off the same queries in a "simplified application" of the NEURONprocessor: stand-alone, moderated online or moderated offline. Thus, their "internal" and "external" results can be merged in a meta-analysis at the end.


The data obtained in the result already contains the required structure for its subsequent realization phase. For this we construct the found idea components from scratch. Here we go from the general to the specific.

In addition, we describe the idea components on a timeline and define the necessary milestones as a blueprint for concrete implementation.

Foundation - not fiction

The data developed by us always use their current foundation as their starting point (visible and hidden potentials). In other words, the data are not fictitiously put into space as possibilities, but always start from their real existing resources and potential - and are therefore absolutely realistic!

The idea of ​​the future

From a finite variety of ideas, we find their optimal ideas. We describe these in a structured manner and make them available as a virtual space of ideas: in the form of information about the future time of realization, the associated emotions and the detailed description of the idea (s).

It could also be said that we get the optimal idea from their best possible future, according to their specifications and objectives.

Connection and technology

Using special techniques and methods, we connect the responsible implementers in their home to the created idea space.

Optional: Use of neurofeedback, accompanying psychological coaching, hypnosis techniques, etc ..


You can use our ideation process in the following variants:

You hire our Ideas Lab - and we work out your data remotely - within 7 - 10 days.

In contrast to REMOTE we compile your urgently needed data exclusively within 2 - 3 days.

In addition to REMOTE, we integrate them into the ideation process right from the start in our IdeenLabor. This includes the analysis of the data obtained and the final definition of the interface for implementation in your organization. The duration is 5 days, depending on the complexity of the project.

In addition to the IDEALAB, we carry out a NEURONprocessor intensive training, with an ideation team to be set up for them, from their employees. After that, her project will be realized by her team as "Training on the first Job" together with our team of ideas developers. In addition to normal analysis, a joint meta-analysis of the data of both teams takes place.

More Applications

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