Steer the future

"Back to the Future" is now possible without the "Fluxkompensator"

Make projects successful in the future

So far, it has been science fiction for you, with the knowledge of the future, to influence your presence. But now this is possible with information from our "Zukunftsdenkfabrik". We provide you with the parameters and parameters to make your organizations and projects more successful in the future.

A future control is commissioned for a person, a project, a company or an organization.

As a result, the think tank team is working on the underlying questionnaire (see below) for the "Future Optimization of the Next 12 Months" with the NEURONprocessor software for extended brain access.

As a result, the customer then has information that he can hardly access in his everyday thinking. The reason for this is established perceptions and thought patterns of the individual, a team or an organization (inside view / blind spot).

As part of the result, the foundations of the future dynamics and the future control will be conveyed. After all, anyone who wants to change his future and influence it in a targeted manner must know its parameters and parameters.

In addition, the result includes milestone planning to optimize the next 12 months - and guidance on how to successfully implement them.

Optimizing for the future offers ambitious future designers the unique opportunity to create a specific blueprint for the upcoming 12 months - and to merge them with their already known information into an extended "knowledge map".

This is what the questionnaire of an order for future control delivers:

  1. An alternative and extended view of the current situation:
  2. The probable evolution of the next 12 months, without the application of the optimizations outlined below:
  3. The scenario of a possible optimum, which can be realized in the next 12 months:
  4. The topics that define the possible optimum:
  5. The activities that determine the possible optimum:
  6. The motivations (goals, drive, ideas, ...) that make the possible optimum:
  7. Ideas for getting into the optimum, starting from the current situation:
  8. The possible milestones that lead to the possible optimum:
  9. The likely obstacles during the implementation of the possible optimum:
  10. Strategies for overcoming the obstacles in order to best realize the possible optimum:

Photo by Franck Veschi on Unsplash

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