Learn to think better

Learn to apply the deeper use and advanced perception of the brain intensively with the NEURONprocessor - individually or in a team.

NEURONprocessor Training

We offer aspiring professionals an intensive and individual - or team specific - NEURONprocessor training. In it, we convey the profound functioning of our brain and human perception - and their professional application with NEURONprocessor in practice. We practice intensively on the basis of real projects, the results of which can be immediately applied or integrated by trainees in everyday life. With each additional exercise, the quality and intuitive reach of the results obtained increases.

This training is unique in that EVERY participant will experience experiencing "informational worlds" like never before in their lives - with extremely high applicability of the gained information in private and professional life.

Learn to bypass your thinking in established ways and to gain more information - with the NEURONprocessor, After the training you will be able to realize your own projects.

Every human being - including you - thinks and acts in established ways that correspond to the "programming" of his brain: his patterns of thinking and perception.

What does this mean for you personally and professionally? Right - the high-quality information that is beyond your "programming", you come very difficult in everyday life. Again and again you get similar results, you circle around, you make the same (not always right) decisions - you have the feeling that there is more, but you can not get there ....

Access the deeper levels of your brain

This is exactly where the NEURONprocessor comes into play. Behind it is a method that allows you to access the deeper levels of your brain and bypass or override your established thinking patterns. As a result, you have, for example, novel solutions or concepts that finally bring you further. Say, you are reaching out to the deeper levels of our brain that otherwise can only be accessed through elaborate techniques of intuition and creativity.

The brain & information field

But access to information with the NEURONprocessor is even more far-reaching. We look back on 19 years of NEURONprocessor development and application. In addition, there is a long-standing interest in the theoretical foundations, such as the theory of morphic fields and generalized quantum theory. From this work it can be concluded that we have to start from non-local information fields to which our brain accesses via a kind of resonance recording. In the best case, maximum access to any desired information can take place.

We assume that this access occurs more or less intensively with any interaction of the brain, as we seem to be permanently involved in this omnipresent information field.

Brain research as a basis

The method comes from the brain research and is relatively complex - but we allow through the NEURONprocessor a very simple application for your practical use in everyday life: private, professional, research, business, etc ..

Use via browser, tablet, iPad ...

You can use the NEURONprocessor in your web browser, on your iPad or on your Android tablet.

1. session

In the theoretical part we describe basic aspects of the functioning of our brain: structure, programming, mechanisms of human perception, etc. In the practical part we teach how to work with the NEURONprocessor software and the underlying method. Practical applications show the many ways to use your brain more effectively and far-reaching. Here you learn to formulate orders to his brain and implement them in the form of missions with his brain.

2. session

We now provide the evaluation and analysis of a mission. Then we explain how to work optionally with his own team and implement orders together (collaboration). For this we show concrete solutions and how to use them with the NEURONprocessor. We span the spectrum from classic teamwork to modern tools for collaborative collaboration.

3. session

Finally, one learns to process his data obtained with the NEURONprocessor in a report. Then you learn the possibilities of implementation - eg for yourself, the customer or in his company / organization. Optionally, we show how easy it is to create your data in the NEURONpublisher and distribute it worldwide or even sell it.

Practically we teach to work with the functions contained in the NEURONprocessor:

  • Read updates and updates so that we can incorporate them into our work.
  • Creating an order for a project that gives our brain a precise specification of what information should be generated. The focus of our brain on the task is essential for the development of required information with the NEURONprocessor.
  • Send our brains on a mission - like an agent to get important information. Because our brain learns and works best, even if it has fun.
  • Revision of our acquired mission data.
  • Analysis of the data obtained. The separation of preparation and analysis of the data is also essential in the NEURONprocessor. Because in normal operation, our brain analyzes perceived information much too well, which is vital in everyday life. However, this "operating condition" also leads to misinterpretations and denies us access to the underlying information.
  • Apply the gained data to our ongoing work, projects, problem solving, etc.
  • NEURONprocessor transfer data - eg as:
    • TEXT: Word, Pages, etc.
    • OPML: MindMapping, Outliner, etc.

Prices & Booking:

  • Präsenz
  • Individual training: 1900, - € / person
  • 2 Person Training: 1500, - € / person
  • Group training: 1100, - € / person - at least 4 to 10 participants

    900, - per person - from 10 participants

  • Online
  • Individual training: 1500, - € / person
  • 2 Person Training: 1200, - € / person
  • Group training: 900, - € / person - at least 4 to 10 participants

    700, - per person - from 10 participants


There is free appointment choice within our availability. The duration of the training is 2 days. This may be 2 consecutive or separate days, we vote together.

This applies to individual, partner or group training (teams).


The training takes place in Hamburg or by appointment (telephone or request) on site.

For trainings outside of Hamburg the costs for the travel and accommodation of your trainer are added.

For bookings of suitable accommodation, we are happy to help.


Our online trainings are carried out eg via Skype, TeamViewer or your own desired platform. The included 14 training hours can be limited to max. 60 days are distributed.

We agree the dates together for individual, partner or group training.

An appointment can have a duration between 60 and 90 minutes.


Simply click on "request & registration" and ask a question or sign up without obligation with his appointment requests.

All prices excl. VAT

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