Brain Management & Brain Training Software

Accessing his unaware, implicit informational levels of the brain and, in addition, greatly increasing his perception through the focused construction of morphic / associative resonance.

The benefits are more widespread brain use and thought processes for more knowledge, faster solutions, and better concepts.


The NEURONprocessor » enables everyone to obtain information that lies outside their established or programmed patterns of thinking and perception in everyday life. Thus, the NEURONprocessor overcomes established linear thinking - individually and in a team.

It just starts, the free » NEURONprocessor with its Manual " or Starter Course » to learn - and can be down to one Professional » or even "Master of his brain "» develop. Optionally we offer a professional Team & Department Building ».

The Applications » extend to the full spectrum of what you do with your brain everyday - just deeper and far-reaching.

Easy to use

With the NEURONprocessor we increase access to our brain significantly.

Higher perception

Our perception is greatly increased & we are much more creative.


Problems and difficulties are solved much faster and better.

concept development

Concepts and news are developed faster & better.

future control

Our future and developments are actively controlled and optimized.

The functions in detail

The NEURONprocessor for personal benefit

The NEURONprocessor provides us with all the necessary tools to access our brains more deeply and more associatively. In this way we solve the limitations of our everyday perception and thinking by simply bypassing the established programming of our brain.

The following functions are available:

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News & Updates

Before working with the NEURONprocessor we are informed about new features and updates in the application, so that we can take them into account in our work.


For each of our projects, we create a clearly worded order that gives our brain a precise specification of what information should be generated. The focus of our brain on a given task is essential for the development of required information with the NEURONprocessor.


Once we've placed an order, we send our brains on a mission - like an agent to get important information. Because our brain actually learns and works best, even if it has a bit of fun.


After we have made our mission a mission and revised it, we analyze the data obtained. The separation of preparation and analysis of the data is also essential in the NEURONprocessor. Because in normal operation, our brain analyzes perceived information much too well, which is vital in everyday life. However, this "operating condition" also leads to misinterpretations and denies us access to the underlying information.


Once we have finished the analysis, we can immediately incorporate our gained data into our ongoing work, projects and problem solving, etc.

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We take over our newly obtained NEURONprocessor data - eg as:

TEXT: Word, Pages, etc.
OPML: MindMapping, Outliner, etc.

NEURONprocessor in the team

To gain more information in our projects, we simply set up our own project team of NEURONprocessor users. These can also be professionals in the field or ingenious universal thinkers.

The following team functions are available:

Put together teams

If we want to work on a task in a team, we invite known members (solvers) to do just that. Alternatively, we set up our mission for all members (solvers) and define the required number of missions. This is a form of qualitative crowdsourcing.

Team status

Status displays in the NEURONprocessor inform about the progress of our projects. For example, we see as a project leader when a team member has completed his mission. As a project manager, I use the order status to show my team how far a project has progressed.

Team communication and cooperation

Optionally we can define how the cooperation and communication should take place within a team: by email, cloud service, collaboration tool, etc. or with a good cup of coffee ....

NEURONprocessor App:

For web browser, tablet or iPad

PC / notebook / tablet

Here, the full range of functions of the NEURONprocessor is available in the web browser: single application, team function and solver network. All modern stationary and mobile operating systems are possible: Windows, Mac OS X, iOS, Android, ...

NEURONprocessor web application »

Just register for free and get started right away

The use of the NEURONprocessor is and remains free of charge. Plus, you get free access to its companion app NEURONpublisher as they both share the same access account. This gives you the opportunity to prepare your NEURONprocessor data and publish it worldwide via the integrated NEURONpublisher Store - either free of charge or at a self-determined price.

Register NEURONprocessor Web for free »

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