To open up contents

Content can be accessed through texts, cross-references, pictures & graphics and videos & tutorials.

Search function

The comfortable search function helps to find content. Here you can specifically search in any combination in texts, cross-references, pictures and videos.


Each search can be saved as a bookmark and is therefore always available for displaying the associated content.


The NEURONpublisher offers the classic flashcard function, which is indispensable for learning in any form.

Documenting exercises

Documenting exercises is especially helpful for content with practical learning content. Thus, learning progress can be wonderfully documented - for example, if in the context of a method, a particular application requires an exercise.

note function

While reading or learning content, you can create a note for each content. This is always displayed directly in the content - and in a global list with all his notes.

Individual cross-references

Each reader or learner can create their own cross-references within a NEURONpublisher content, thus bringing them into their own, individual context.

Documenting applications

But the NEURONpublisher goes beyond pure learning and offers the possibility to document contents in practical application. Thus, this information is available for repeated use or can be used as the basis for billing services.

NEURONpublisher Apps:

For web browser, tablet or mobile

PC, notebook, mobile and tablet

The full functionality of NEURONpublisher is available in the web browser here: authoring, store, reading and learning functions.

NEURONpublisher web application »

Apple iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

On the iPhone and iPad are next to the Web App in the browser nor an iOS app available. This offers the reading functions of own content and content purchased in the NEURONpublisher Store.

NEURONpublisher web application »
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Table Situation Idea

NEURONpublisher and D-ELINA: German eLearning innovation and young talent award

Already 2012 became the NEURONpublisher - under its development name ...
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The INNOVATIONSPREIS-IT of the Initiative Mittelstand beats annually ...
02.03.2015/by Thomas Tankiewicz

New Star Citizen eBook - Orbital Supermax

Im NEURONpublisher wurde ein weiteres kostenloses Star Citizen…
12.09.2014/by Dirk Jacobasch
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